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Happy Stories

See our success stories.
Happy Story
Jithendhar Reddy & Bhavani Reddy

I contacted pellichupulu.net on my own and team of pellichupulu.net were so close as a family and have searched a perfect match for me in less than 2 months time, I like to thank pellichupulu.net for their support and guidance for searching my better half. Bhavani (Bride)

Happy Story
Avinash & Shailaja

I am thank full to pellichupulu team for helping me to find a suitable sole mate for me, I got to know about pellichupulu.net from our relative and approached them through website, in short notice of 2 months they helped me to find my better half and we got engaged on 4th June 2021. Avinash

Happy Story
Umakanth & Madhusha

They have had their own share of arguments and their lovely memories but that is how they learn. Umakanth (USA) and Madhusha (Hyderabad) say that marriage is all about complimenting one another and growing together.

Happy Story
Anudeep & Pujitha

We were looking for a perfect match (Doctor) for our son Dr. Anudeep and we were unable to find the suitable pair on our own, pellichupulu.net have a personalized service managers who helped us to find a better match and a Doctor by profession for my Son. I thank pellichupulu team for their efforts. best of luck